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Web Design

You’re here, because you don’t like ugly, confusing, boring, and badly coded websites. Sure. But who does?


It’s true that the perception of beauty is a very subjective phenomenon, but if your website looks rather hideous, there’s
a great chance that only a small number of visitors will be swept
off their feet by it. The majority will leave it at the speed of light.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we want you to realize that having a website of this kind
is almost equal to having no website.

What can we offer you?

Tasteful, interesting, and eye-pleasing design for a great first impression. Feel free to have a look at our work.


Have you ever tried to read James Joyce’s Ulysses from cover to cover? If you have, then you know what this is going to be about.
If you haven’t, here’s a brief introduction to Joyce’s opus magnum: the author describes a single day on several hundreds of pages.
As if it wasn’t enough, he pays most of his attention to the thoughts passing through the protagonists’ minds (it’s also called stream of consciousness, if you happen to be interested in literature lessons). And this is exactly the reason why the majority of readers feel desperate and lost.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we want you to realize that there are really only few visitors, who will be attempting to find the key to the understanding of your website, and sacrifice half-an-hour of their lives to get the piece of information they came for.

What can we offer you?

Lucid and easy-to-read structure created to serve the primary aim of the website. In the world of literature it would be a crime novel rather than a book on philosophy. The difference is obvious, isn’t it?

Attraction and Entertainment

All that you’ve read so far on our website is the outcome of copywriting
(or content writing to be more exact). Beautiful websites are great, but they usually need quality content too. And that’s where copy/content writing (the art of writing copies for marketing purposes, and the art of writing website content, respectively) comes in.

Are you kidding me? Someone’s doing this for a living?

Of course they are! Salman Rushdie, anyone? Here’s a little secret: if you come across online content that strongly resembles Middle English or a product of a robot, that’s quite lame content writing. And it can be even worse – when you’re getting to REM sleep while still reading. If you’ve experienced anything like this, it’s time you hired GaRT copy/content writers.

Why are we telling you this?

Because we want you to realize that marketing is the art of getting people’s attention, and persuading them to buy your product(s). Many a good copy/content writer has proven that words really matter. Even an exclusively informative website can have very attractive and entertaining content, if it’s written by a skilled writer.

What’s another important lesson?

A skilled writer should be also tasteful and good at creating a balance. We decided to present ourselves on our website in a rather informal manner, spicing the content up with a bit of sarcasm, because we consider ourselves a modern advertising agency, and we thought that the content would feel balanced this way. Were you, for instance, a funeral services owner, informal and sarcastic texts would sound quite unbalanced, and probably strange, or even rude.

What can we offer you?

Top-notch copy/content writing services. We’ve already shown you that we know what we’re doing, haven’t we? We’re ready to write breathtaking and product-selling copies for you. All you need to do is tell us your content-related wishes and expectations.

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